Vernon 2-Axis Pipe Cutting machine

Pipe Manufacturing Facility

Information on the Pipe shop, its abilities, skilled labor, and impact to projects.

Technology Based Processes

Each spool is extracted from the model, downloaded to a CNC plasma table where the pipe is cut, beveled and prepared for the fit-up process. Once the pipe spool is assembled it moves to the weld areas where the welds are preformed using computerized and robotic welding processes.

Bel-Aire utilizes the latest technologies in Robotic Pipe welding. We maximize productivity using RMD and Pro-Pulse welding with the benefits of off-site manufacturing, labor reduction, and minimal on-site storage.

Pipe Manufacturing Highlights

  • Certified welding personnel
  • Mig, tig and arc welding
  • Ductwork and custom manufacturing
  • 3 ton traversing interior and exterior bridge cranes
  • Minimizes material handling costs
  • Increased safety during loading and unloading operations
  • Multiple axis computer controlled pipe cutter
  • Capable of cutting bevels, saddles, shapes and miters
  • Fully programmable
  • Utilizing plasma and fuel gas
  • Data directly download from our BIM modeling stations
  • ASME certified pipe welders
  • Manufacturing pipe sizes from 3″ to 36″
  • Using the latest computer controlled welding techniques
  • Our Manipulator/Oscillator is the latest in pipe welding technology
  • Computer controlled welding provides a high degree of repeatability and accuracy
  • Increased productivity using Regulated Metal Deposition and Pro Pulse welding programs
  • X-ray quality welding at a 40% reduction in costs