Marina Heights - Tempe, AZ

Marina Heights

Marina Heights - Tempe, AZ

Project Summary

Owner:  State Farm
General Contractor:  Ryan Companies

Location:  Tempe, AZ
Year Completed:  2015
Design Phase Services: 

The 4,200 space parking garage consists of a B2 level, B1 level with regular, nuisance and siphonic type draining systems on the plaza deck that diverts the water to large above ground storage tanks and to three under ramp storage tanks before being clarified and pumped into Tempe Town Lake.

The Highlights

Bel-Aire Mechanical performed the installation of two sizes of above ground storage tanks with sump pumps. The dual pumping systems ranged from 7.5 hp to 20 hp pumps. Other pumping systems were small, single nuisance pumps located throughout the B2 level of the garage, in the elevator shafts and exhaust shafts for a total of 74 pumps.

There was extensive piping size ranges on this project. For example, it varied from 15” to 2” cast iron, 8” to 2.5” copper pipe, as well as grooved galvanized ranging from 12” to 2”. The approximate total pipe on the entire project was over 34,000 linear feet. This project demonstrates Bel-Aire Mechanical’s ability to understand and successfully complete a complex below grade expansive parking structure.

Wells Fargo Ocotillo Corporate Campus

Wells Fargo – Ocotillo Corporate Campus

Wells Fargo Ocotillo Corporate Campus

Project Description

Owner:  Wells Fargo Bank
General Contractor:  Sundt Construction
Location:  Chandler, AZ
Year Completed:  Current
Architect:  SmithGroup JJR
Design Phase Services: 
LEED:  SILVER (anticipated)
  Architectural Award
City of Chandler
“Partners in Construction” Project Team Award
American Subcontractors Association of Arizona

Description of the structures built for the Wells Fargo campus.

  • Underground piping
  • Structure Duct
  • Structure Piping
  • UFAD

The Highlights



AHU picks

HVAC and pipe

DPR Boutique Office

DPR Boutique

DPR Boutique Office

Project Description

General Contractor:  DPR Construction
Location:  Phoenix, AZ
Year Completed:  2011
Architect:  SmithGroup JJR
Design Phase Services:  Design Build, Preconstruction Services, Mechanical and HVAC
LEED:  Platinum Certified
RED Awards – Most Sustainable Project in Arizona (2012)
Building Design + Construction Reconstruction Awards – Bronze Winner (2012)
Best of’ – Best in Project in the Southwest (2012)

AZRE 2014-10-14 article

ENR Southwest 2011-10-17 article

Phoenix Business Journal 2011-10-18 article

A living laboratory for the community, DPR’s new office is a unique example of urban revitalization and sustainability. Conceptualized as a “net-zero energy workplace of the future”, DPR created an open-office environment housing 58 workstations and floater spacesnine conference/training/innovation/mediated technology rooms, support spaces, fully-equipped gym/locker facilities, and a zen room for a quiet retreat. The office has incorporated passive/active cooling solutions including 87 operable windows, four shower towers, an 87-foot long, zinc-clad solar chimney, and a 79 kW-dc rated photovoltaic solar panel covered parking lot to control the indoor environment naturally and produce energy onsite. A Lucid Building Dashboard® system is utilized to allow DPR to monitor and share building water and gas usage, lighting and power consumption, and photovoltaic energy production in real time.

The Highlights

DPR YouTube video
Low Tech Meets High Tech – DPR’s Net-Zero Energy Phoenix Office

DPR page with links to all 8 videos of the series

Passive Cooling System: The building’s unique passive cooling system provides a natural alternative for regulating the space. The air is cooled via shower heads and misters as it enters the shower towers, and is then ducted into the space through dampers controlled by the automated building management system. The solar chimney, the largest of its kind in Arizona, draws air through the shower towers and operable windows with a convection current.

Circulation: Fresh air enters the building through 87 operable windows that are automated through the building management system. The windows open and close based on the temperature demands of the building and work in conjunction with the shower towers, dampers and solar chimney. The air is circulated through the open space via 12 Big Ass Fans®. These high-volume/low speed giants circulate a lot of air with their size, not their speed, which translates into minimal energy consumption for operation.

Scottsdale Hangar One

Scottsdale Hangar One

Scottsdale Hangar One
Airmore Hangar One

Project Description

General Contractor:  Sundt Construction
Location:  Scottsdale, AZ
Year Completed:  2003
Architect:  Swaback Partners, LLC
Engineer:  Swaback Partners, LLC
Design Phase Services:  Mechanical HVAC and Plumbing Subcontractor

Scottsdale Hangar One is a privately owned, five building hangar complex and flight club located at the Scottsdale Airpark. The approximately 140,000 square foot facility can accommodate up to fifteen aircraft in its two 30,000 square foot hangars.

A 108 ft long aluminum “paper” airplane adorns the roof. Interior spaces are luxuriously furnished with custom fixtures, upholstered ceilings, exotic stone and terrazzo floorings, mahogany, ebony and other rare woods; silk and wool carpeting; Onyx wall panels, and top –of-the-line building automation and audio visual systems. An approximately 68,500 square foot multipurpose facility adjoins the hangars and includes below-grade parking, premium office space and entertainment space.

The Highlights

Bennett Dorrance is beaming. He’s leading guests through his $20 million private hangar club under construction at Scottsdale Airpark, and the 9-inch-thick concrete floor is only hours old.

The pour of 500 cubic yards of concrete started 14 hours earlier, and the finished surface is smooth as silk.

The hangar is the first of two at Dorrance’s Scottsdale Hangar One, a private aviation club with a head-turning design expected to set a new standard, even for Scottsdale.

The most visual piece of its architecture will be a 108-foot-long sculpture that resembles a paper airplane installed above one of the hangars.

The facility will have space for a maximum of 15 private aircraft. Most parking for cars will be inside or underground. There also will be a restaurant reserved for members and their guests, and a storage area for Dorrance’s collector cars.

The club’s membership will depend on the size of aircraft, because Dorrance only has 45,000 square feet of hangar space.

“Ten to 15,” is Dorrance’s estimate, “but if we get all Gulfstreams, it could be five or six.”

Hangar One, on 5 acres at 15220 N. 78th Way, has another 55,000 square feet of space for aircraft maintenance, administration, indoor parking, the restaurant and the car storage space.

Dorrance, whose family founded the Campbell Soup Co. in the 1880s, is a managing director of DMB Associates.

He is listed with a net worth of $1.5 billion by Forbes’ magazine’s 2002 report on the world’s richest people.

Hangar One is a private project prepared by Dorrance and his wife, Jacquie. Since he received his pilot’s license in 1965, Dorrance has logged about 5,000 hours.
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Dorrance declined to release information about his aviation club’s prospective members, initiation and membership fees, or anything related to the property’s security or his members’ privacy.

To design Hangar One, Dorrance turned to Swaback Partners in Scottsdale and international designer Adam Tihany in New York City.

He hired Sundt Construction as the contractor. Work started in March, and completion is planned in June or July 2003.