Marina Heights

Project Description:

Owner: State Farm
General Contractor: Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Location: Tempe, AZ
Year Completed: 2015
Architect: Davis
Engineer: Kraemer Consulting, PLLC
Design Phase Services: BIM / Plumbing

The 4,200 space parking garage consists of a B2 level, B1 level with regular, nuisance and siphonic type draining systems on the plaza deck that diverts the water to large above ground storage tanks and to three under ramp storage tanks before being clarified and pumped into Tempe Town Lake.

Projects Highlights:

Bel-Aire Mechanical performed the installation of two sizes of above ground storage tanks with sump pumps. The dual pumping systems ranged from 7.5 hp to 20 hp pumps. Other pumping systems were small, single nuisance pumps located throughout the B2 level of the garage, in the elevator shafts and exhaust shafts for a total of 74 pumps.

There was extensive piping size ranges on this project. For example, it varied from 15” to 2” cast iron, 8” to 2.5” copper pipe, as well as grooved galvanized ranging from 12” to 2”. The approximate total pipe on the entire project was over 34,000 linear feet. This project demonstrates Bel-Aire Mechanical’s ability to understand and successfully complete a complex below grade expansive parking structure.