During the Preconstruction phase Bel-Aire Mechanical will gather as much information as possible. This enables us to better understand the design criteria and the intended building system performance requirements. With that in mind we are better able to use our many years of experience to recommend potential cost savings and performance enhancements.

In our approach to provide pre-construction services, we involve partnering, teamwork, coordination and integration of the Owner, Design Team and Construction Manager through communication at weekly meetings. Weekly team meetings empower the team to all be on the same page, supporting each other and pulling in the same direction. We communicate with team members, vendors, suppliers and subcontractors.

With a more complete understanding of the goals we will develop a guide for the project team in selecting methods, sequencing of processes and defining all the elements of the project. We also confirm the project scope and team responsibilities. The result is getting the best product for the least amount by incorporating the project goals and objectives.

Our Project Teams

The Bel-Aire Mechanical team embodies the capabilities that are critical for a “win-win” result for any project. Our Teams of highly skilled personnel are dedicated to their projects for the duration to ensure successful on time completion, within budget and to everyone’s satisfaction.

Due to our extensive experience, we thoroughly understand the stringent requirements and rigorous standards that must be absolutely adhered to for the highest levels of quality and acceptance necessary for any project. Quality, Efficiency, Commitment and Trust have always been our core values.

Preconstruction Services

Our pre-construction team will attend all required meetings and provide input and feedback on budget, value engineering and performance requirements of the equipment. We recognize that Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is the most effective way to organize project teams to achieve LEAN construction goals at a time when the industry is searching for ways to eliminate waste, reduce costs, improve productivity and optimize positive outcomes. This approach integrates all team member to form a true collaborative effort.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Communication and Collaboration with the general contractor, architect, engineer, major building trades, subcontractors and vendors to review constructability. Everyone coming together in a collaborative environment flushing out potential issues and recognizing opportunities on the project before we begin to build it.

An example of this IPD collaboration is our BIM team having hangar drawings be ready while at the same time understanding what the pour schedule is according to the master construction schedule so we can get the hangars/inserts/blue bangers ready for pour dates without interfering other trades.

Design Assist / Design Build

On nearly 85% of our work, we are brought on board in the early design and pre-construction phase providing valuable input to assure that the project meets all of its goals. It is during this phase that the construction professional, working with the project’s team, can have the most significant effect on the cost, quality and schedule of a project. It is also the phase in which Bel-Aire Mechanical stands “head and shoulders” above its competition according to our General Contractors.

Assets & Perks

Estimating Materials, Means, and Methods

Collaboration with project owner, general, architect, and engineering

Construction schedules and milestones

Coordination with trades

BIM / Autodesk-BDSU / Trimble point mapping 

Coordinated Construction


Original Ideas

Design to Prefabricate

Cost Control