Safety at Bel-Aire Mechanical

SAFETY + QUALITY + PRODUCTION = Healthy Work Force and Healthy Company

Bel-Aire Mechanical values finding the proper balance between creating an inclusive company culture, running a profitable business, meeting customer requirements and building high quality projects all while maintaining the highest level of safety achievable.

We go-all-out to reduce the number of hazards that each of our employees encounters on a daily basis by ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge it takes to be safe. As a company dedicated to operational excellence, we are very proud of the safety record that we’ve worked hard to achieve and invest daily in executing the responsible actions it takes to protect our most valuable resources – our employees.

Our Safety Goals

Zero injuries, each and every day, that’s our goal! Our roadmap to successfully accomplishing this starts with daily pre-planning activities and ends with takeaway meetings.

Our Safety Practices

Employees, we believe, are our greatest asset and the number one path to growth and success for our team. Compromising their safety and health is unconscionable. That’s why, within the framework of a high quality and productive work site, we do everything in our power to protect them from harm and possible exposure to unwanted events.

Our Safety Director, Scott Kienast, heads the corporate safety team. Under his direction, Bel-Aire has instituted a company-wide system of policies, procedures and practices that are best in class. The system has a proven track record for protecting our employees from industry recognized occupational safety and health hazards, and our current EMR of 0.58 is proof positive that it works. But it doesn’t stop there. Every job is evaluated for unique safety and environmental conditions so that relevant adjustments can be implemented before work begins.

By valuing safety and investing in a pro-active safety culture, we’ve been able to create work practices that allow us to continually improve our safety and health performance and confidently aspire to meet our Zero injury goal.

Our Field Safety

Construction jobsites, with their variety of specialty trades engaged in a multitude of disparate tasks, present significant safety challenges. They are constantly changing with new physical hazards emerging daily to jeopardize employee health. Bel-Aire recognizes this dynamic environment and makes every effort to plan safety into each job. We’re committed to:

  • Providing dedicated safety professionals
  • Performing pre-employment drug screening and safety orientation training
  • Designing jobsite operations with safety, quality and productivity in mind
  • Minimizing exposure to hazards through pre-task planning, daily and weekly safety meetings and hazard analysis
  • Empowering employees to safeguard themselves and others from accidents and injuries
  • Establishing effective channels of communication to share safety information across all jobsite stakeholders
  • Sanctioning employees to STOP > CORRECT > REPORT any unsafe condition


  • Dedicated Full-time Safety Professionals: 5
  • Current EMR = 0.58
  • Five Year Average EMR = 0.60
  • Winner SMACNA Safety Excellence Award: 2017, 2018, 2019

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