Safety at Bel-Aire Mechanical

SAFETY + QUALITY + PRODUCTION = Healthy Work Force and Healthy Company

Bel-Aire Mechanical prides itself on finding the proper balance in the day to day company culture to run a profitable business, meet customer and client demands, produce a quality product at each job site, along with maintaining the highest level of safety in the environments that we work.

We strive to reduce the amount of hazards that each employee encounters each day by ensuring each employee is equipped with the knowledge needed to be safe. Dedicated to operational excellence, we are very proud of our safety record and our responsible actions relative to protecting our resources.

Our Safety Goals

Our team strives to set a goal of Zero injuries every day. To accomplish this goal each day we set a road map for success that starts with pre-planning activities and ends with end-of-day take away meetings.

Safety Training

The employees at Bel-Aire Mechanical are our single greatest asset to the growth and success of our team. The safety and health of our employees shall not be compromised. We do everything within our power to protect them from harm or unwanted events and at the same time provide a High Quality and Productive work site.

Scott Kienast, Bel-Aire’s Safety Director, heads up our Corporate Safety Team. Bel-Aire is committed to the safety of every employee at our places of business. We have within our establishment a managed program that provides systematic policies, procedures and practices that are adequate to protect our employees from recognized occupational safety and health hazards. Our objective is to always be aware of the uniqueness of every job, and all their environmental conditions. Zero injuries are our expected goal for each and every project.

Through these principles we create work practices to continually improve our safety and health performance and lead the industry in safety along with proven results reflected in the company Insurance Experience Modification Rate.

Bel-Aire Mechanical’s EMR for 2016 is .54.

Field Safety

Bel-Aire employees on a construction jobsite will be working in close proximity to many trades engaged in a variety of different job tasks. Jobsites are constantly changing and physical hazards are continually emerging that can jeopardize our safety. Bel-Aire Mechanical will make every effort to plan safety into each job and to provide a safe and healthful jobsite.

  • Committed Safety Staff
  • Written Corporate Safety policies and procedures
  • Committed Job Site Specific Safety Plans
  • Site Specific Safety performance Indicators
  • Safety / Quality / Production

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