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Pandemic Response Plan as of 6/23/2020

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4/7/2020 – Pandemic Response Plan

Pandemic Response Plan – Rev 10122021


Coronavirus Covid-19  Bel-Aire Pandemic Response Plan

Derived from Bel-Aire Safety Manuel Chapter 27

Bel-Aire Employees,

Safety and Health at Bel-Aire Mechanical is a vital part of every operation. Without question, safety and health of all employees, contractors, vendors and the environment is every employee’s responsibility. This responsibility is shared at all levels, from entry level to the owner of our company.

The Covid-19 virus has put our communities, workplace, and resources in strain as we strive to maintain our daily activities. The Bel-Aire Management team has enacted our Pandemic Response Procedure and will be meeting on a regular basis in an effort to plan and guide the company through the virus threat. Please find below the current Pandemic Response Plan derived to help reduce employee’s exposure levels and increase our level of preparedness to sustain company operations.

A few main points of emphasis:

  1. At this time Bel-Aire does not require employees to be vaccinated. With this policy the continued use of face covering is still in place. This includes those that identify as receiving vaccinations. Vaccinated individuals are also required to wear face coverings. This is in place for ALL JOBSITES to include the Shop and Office.
  2. Bel-Aire has certain jobsites and contracts that will require vaccinations or a negative test within 24 hours of gaining access to the site. Employees can voluntarily provide vaccination documents or subject to Covid test at a directed testing location. Coordination of this process will take place through the Safety Director and the safety team in conjunction with the Human Resources Manager and team.
  3. Please wash and sanitize your hands and general work areas as much as possible each day.
  4. Use tissues and cover mouth and nose if sneezing or coughing. Use Face coverings at all times while conducting company business or on Company property or contracted facilities.
  5. Avoid unnecessary hand contact with other items.
  6. Refrain from unnecessary congregation and traveling through other employees work areas. Use main entrances and exits as much as possible. Maintain a minimum of 6 feet at all times and wear approved face coverings.
  7. If traveling through common areas please use face coverings at all times.
  8. Do not come to work if exhibiting the signs and symptoms of illness, fever, coughing, vomiting, dizziness, etc. , have tested for Covid-19 and have not received results, or have tested positive for Covid-19.
  9. If self-testing please refer to the Medical Facility guidance for next steps. DO NOT report back to work and contact Bel-Aire Safety Director and or Bel-Aire Human Resources Manager as soon as testing.
  10. Site GC and Owner questioners will be reviewed by Safety Director. All employees will need to complete and pass all approved questioners and testing prior to access to each site. Failed tests must be reported to Safety Director / Pandemic Response Coordinator for review and guidance.
  11. Travel restrictions are in place and should be observed. Travel outside the U.S will restrict work activities once returning to the U.S. and will need to be communicated with Bel-Aire Safety Director and or Bel-Aire Human Resources Manager. 

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Bel-Aire Mechanical Pandemic Response Plan Corona Virus (Covid-19 )

  • All employees that have traveled outside the mainland U.S. in the past 60 days will be monitored and not dispatched to mission critical locations as determined by the Pandemic Response Coordinator.
  • Employees that have worked at a location that may have had a Covid-19 reported infection and may have been in contact with the area of contamination will be reviewed and monitored and not dispatched to mission critical locations.
  • Pandemic Response coordinator will incorporate each jobsite and Contractor/Owners site specific plans pertaining to the Covid-19 threat into Bel-Aire’s plan as needed.
  • Encourage Customers, Clients, Vendors, and potential customers to use remote facilities, telecommunications, and technology-based formats for meetings and communication. Refrain from visiting Bel-Aire’s main office or trailers/job sites if not absolutely needed.
  • Employee gatherings of more than 4 will be discouraged.
    • Control and Clean Break Room/Break Areas
    • Meetings – Use Video, Computer, or Teleconference
    • If using meeting locations observe social distancing, Face covering use, and cleaning policy.
  • Employees with job duties that can be accomplished by telecommuting will be explored.
  • Key employees will ensure a cross-trained and prepared employee has been established to fill in and maintain continuity if they may be ill.
  • Supervisors will be instructed to report to Safety and HR employees that exhibit extended symptoms of illness, fever, coughing, vomiting, dizziness, etc. (A review will be completed by the Safety Director/Pandemic Response Coordinator)
  • Employees that demonstrate these symptoms or choose not to report to work will be instructed by the Safety Director and HR Director to consult a Doctor and will not be permitted to return to work without a Doctors release to work. (A Doctor or the person exhibiting the signs and symptoms will determine the need to subject to a Covid-19 test)
  • Purchasing/PM’s will maintain constant contact with their key vendors to determine the impact of the outbreak on their operations and its effects on our ability to perform our daily functions.
  • All Issues and concerns will be communicated to Bel-Aire Management Pandemic Response Coordinator and management team. Any issues determined to be a threat to a job site or project will be immediately communicated to the GC or Owner for collaboration.
    • The Pandemic Response Coordinator will ensure a plan to obtain extra quantities of any necessary supplies that may be threatened due to the outbreak.
  • Bel-Aire will monitor staffing levels at all locations and ensure resources to maintain critical operations are prepared.
  • Restrict and monitor the staffing of workforce from one jobsite to another. The workforce assignments will be on an as needed basis to complete the scope of work at that time. Bel-Aire has been and will continue to follow all of our customer’s protocols that have been put in place.
  • Should any job site complications, closing, or quarantine take place, staffing availability or concern, the team will review and communicate to the customer as needed.
  • Should a job site or location be closed or isolated, notices shall be posted and emails will be sent prominently at and from the location to the Bel-Aire Pandemic Response Coordinator. Bel-Aire Management team will immediately inform customers of the situation and tell them where and how they can transact business. Telephone and other lines of communication will be routed to a location where they will be staffed by employees so customers’ attempts to reach us do not go unanswered.
  • The Pandemic Response Coordinator and the team will ensure that the customers are kept informed of any changes that affect their transaction of business with Bel-Aire. On an as needed basis, information will be included on the home page of our website, in the lobbies of our locations, and in other media as appropriate.
  • Employees testing positive for Covid-19 will follow guidelines given by the testing facility and quarantine for a period of up to 14 days. Employees may start testing on the 10 day after from the positive test result. Once completing the quarantine two negative test results will be needed to return to work.
  • Employees that have lived with or have spent significant time with a known Covid-19 positive individual shall report the circumstances. The Pandemic Response Coordinator will REVIEW the circumstance and set the actions required based on known facts.
  • Employees that need to answer questionaries to enter a job site will do so. If for some reason they answer a question that does not allow them to enter the site, the employee must contact the Pandemic Response Coordinator to review. The Pandemic Response Coordinator will take actions as presented by the facts of the present information.
  • Employees found to be working in “close contact” as defined by the CDC, will need to submit to a Covid-19 test and follow the testing locations directives. Each of the cases will be managed and reviewed on a case by case situation by the Pandemic Response Coordinator. If the person does not test, a minimum of a 14-day quarantine will need to be observed from the last known contact with the infected employee. At a minimum the employees defined as close contact will need to self quarantine for 72 hours, show no signs and symptoms, and then provide two negative test results prior to returning to work.
  • The implementation of the employee contact plan to ensure that all employees are kept informed of developments as they occur, including employees who remain at home.
    • Website, emails, etc.
  • Implement periodic routine cleaning/disinfection of surfaces such as desktops, keyboards, lunch tables, doorknobs, faucets, handrails, etc.
    • Oxivir Tb and Re-Juv-Nal Disinfectant/Detergent, or the like, on hand for daily cleaning and wipe downs of all general areas by cleaning crew.
  • Promote general employee hand cleaning and cleanliness.
    • Hand sanitizers and tissues distributed and stocked weekly in various locations in shop and at job sites.
    • Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or greater
  • Bel-Aire Senior Management and Pandemic response team will meet weekly, Tuesdays at 10am, to continue follow up and further communication, until the current virus threat is resolved or as deemed necessary by the coordinator. The Safety Director may alter the meeting dates as needed and updates made during the Senior Management meeting as needed.
  • Vaccinations are recommended but not required by the company at this time.
  • Changes to this plan may take place at anytime and will be updated accordingly.
  • All though CDC is a resource for information contain and used in this document it is not the standard on only guidance used.

Please forward all requests, questions, or needed direction for or about this plan and Bel-Aires procedures to Scott Kienast, Pandemic Response Coordinator, for further response.

Scott Kienast
EH&S Director
Bel-Aire Mechanical
602-762-1018 (cell)


World Health Organization
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Coronavirus (COVID-19)