Even in non-pandemic times, Bel-Aire Mechanical leads the way in terms of worker health and safety on the jobsite. It’s no wonder facing the unique jobsite challenges presented by COVID-19 – distributing additional PPE, contact tracing and increased cleaning – came naturally to Bel-Aire’s leadership team and employees.

Robert Dustman, Project Director for Bel-Aire Mechanical, credits the company’s existing commitment to on-the-job safety for the minimal COVID-19 outbreaks they experienced over the past 12+ months.

“As a company we have done such a great job adapting to the new health and safety protocols, even as we deal with different requirements and standards on each unique site,” says Robert.

“We have always set the standard on the jobsite when it comes to safety, and through the pandemic, we continue to see workers and contractors on different projects following Bel-Aire’s lead.”

Throughout this past year, Bel-Aire Mechanical has adapted to the pandemic while still delivering outstanding quality products to owners throughout the state. This is evidenced by the company’s work on the Desert Diamond Casino, the Banner Desert facility in Mesa, and the Boeing manufacturing facility.

It is no secret that the construction industry in Arizona is hot right now, and only going to get hotter in the coming months. While continuing to deliver high-quality work to owners during the pandemic, Bel-Aire Mechanical simultaneously planned for this impending increase in workload for the coming year.