Desert Diamond West Valley Resort

On Thursday July 2, 2015, Bel-Aire Mechanical held a ‘Thank You BBQ’ for the field crew working on the Desert Diamond West Valley Resort Project.

The 1st phase of the project has been on a very tight schedule from the start and Bel-Aire continues to lead the charge. It seemed appropriate to take this opportunity to thank our crew for their hard work and dedication to this high profile project and also prepare for the 4th of July holiday weekend

Robert Dustman (Sr. Project Manager) thanked the entire TEAM for their efforts in working safely and keeping up with the project milestones. Nick Ganem (Vice President) also shared some kind words of thanks and reiterated the importance that each worker has contributed to the success of this project and Jeff Goracke (Safety Coordinator) thanked everyone for working safely and reminded everyone to keep up the good work!

Special thanks go out to our own GRILL-MASTER Steve Donovan, Jeremy Harwood, Andre Thom, Hector Fernandez, Katie Watson-Cruz, Sheryl Wolfe and Kim Dustman for setting up and grilling over 200 cheeseburgers and hot dogs! Stay tuned for future updates on this exciting project as well as others